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How To: Star Wars Resurrection: Forum RPG

Post by Admin on Mon May 04, 2015 4:37 pm

Note: The Resurrection timeline assumes both legends and canon to be one. All written works collaborate and flow together in accordance to all cinematic and EU standards.

The Year is 5 BBY....

The Galactic Empire has worn its citizens to a dull point, its farthest reaches feeling the strain of the Emperor's lust for control and power. Every day, more oppression and opposition of basic human rights begins to take root, and while small groupings of protest and discord pop up, they are smashed back down like unwanted weeds by the ever present fingers of the government. Sectors ruled by harsh Moff mentalities and the need for greed have become the norm, the aristocracy of the Imperial Senate and the abundance of wealthy crime bosses and drug lords gaining ground in favor of corruption and distribution of power. Meanwhile, rumors of rebellion and a smattering of force-sensitive beings take hold among the common people, and the question remains, are there any Jedi still among the living.

In this time of unrest, it is the choice of the brave to stand against tyranny. Which side will you choose? Which course of action will you take?

The resurrection of Galactic civility rests in your hands.  

How To Play

  • Pick a Character, existing in the Star Wars Canon/Legends or Invented
  • Create a Character by registering: Register your character's name and attach it to your email.
  • To create multiple characters, register again, each time filling in a fake email. Admin will work to attach all new charaters to base email.
  • Upload small avatar picture for each character.
  • Begin posting, alone or with campaign group


Understand that everyone has a right to their creative freedoms, however, moderators and Admin will intervene as necessary.

  • Godtalking may be used per party discretion.
  • Plot-mongering will not be tolerated. Stories are shared.
  • All lewd or otherwise overtly violent content must have a disclaimer and can be shut down at any time.
  • Trolling or hate-speech on all forums will not be tolerated, and members participating will be banned.


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