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Samuel Archer

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Name: Samuel Archer
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Liannian)
Homeworld: Lianna
Desired Faction: Independent
Desired Occupation: Smuggler
Force Sensitivity: Yes (Largely unaware of the Force)
Anything you'd like to tell us about the character: Force Sensitivity may play a part in a plot later, but not early on.
Summarized Biography:
Born in the city-planet of Lianna in the Core Worlds in 33 BBY, Samuel lived a rather normal life as the son of the middle-class Archer family. Loyal to the Sienar family and their shipwright enterprise—Republic Sienar Systems—the Archer family were a well-known name on Lianna and in a few places beyond the system. Being the youngest of three siblings, Samuel enjoyed quite a bit of leeway with his parents. Being able to blame his older siblings served him well when stealing from the Muja Fruit jar, and added to his spoiled nature. At age 11 however, things for Samuel Archer took a turn for the worst: From spoiled carefree days of grooming to all-out galactic war. The Clone Wars had started, and Lianna had taken the side of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and their droid armies. Shortly after the war’s start Lianna became a battleground between the two superpowers, and much of the urban sprawl was destroyed.

Though Lianna had joined the Republic after the battle and began producing new fighters for Republic use, the damage done to Lianna was felt strongly by Samuel Archer. During the planetary battle, Samuel’s mother and siblings had been killed. With only his father to care for him, Samuel fell into a deep depression with the guilt of losing his siblings after treating them so poorly. Several years later, Samuel confessed to his father that he blamed his siblings for actions he had done, and that he deserved all the disciplinary actions he had caused his siblings. To his surprise his father had known all along, and there was no such disciplinary action against his siblings. While still distraught with guilt, Samuel felt more at peace with the loss of most of his family.

That was until he turned 18 and he would never see his father again. In the year 15 BBY, a terrorist attack against the Archer business, Archer Engineered Research, was conducted by the Firebird Society. With the Archer family becoming more engrossed with the Imperial military market along with Sienar Fleet Systems, it was a target for the Firebirds since female members in the Imperial Military were kept at lower ranks than their male counterparts. During this terrorist attack, of which was one of the first aggressive strikes by the Firebirds, Samuel’s father was killed along with a fifth of the male staff.

Now the sole heir to the Archer Engineered Research, Samuel was graciously given leave for a year to collect himself while A.E.R. was operated by his father’s right-hand man, Cyril Whitaker*. During this year Samuel only briefly spent time outside of Lianna, returning to pull strings with Raith Sienar to design a personal starship for his use. With how close Samuel’s father was to Sienar, it was the least he could do. Over months of work, the duo successfully designed and built the Garmur**, Samuel Archer’s personal starship. Shortly after its christening and test flights, Samuel was left with only his untouchable trust funds when Cyril Whitaker seized the company by majority vote.

Taking the belongings that Samuel could prove belonged to him, he took the Garmur and flew off to create his new life. During the design and construction of the Garmur, Samuel spent time with Raith Sienar on hunting trips and social gatherings—learning how to shoot a blaster and con his way through a negotiation along the way, he set out to put those skills to use: Finding any work he could. At age 28, just shy of a decade after his father’s death and hostile takeover of his family business, Samuel has become a seasoned gunslinger and experienced smuggler, using his wits and intuition to get him through difficult situations. In that time, his ties to the Galactic Empire had faded by choice as he began to see the atrocities the Empire had committed across the galaxy.

Samuel Archer

* Cyril Whitaker

** Garmur
Samuel Archer

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