Garmur - Sienar/Archer Light Transport

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Garmur - Sienar/Archer Light Transport

Post by Samuel Archer on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:02 am

Sienar Fleet Systems
Archer Engineered Research

Production information
Manufacturer(s) Sienar Fleet Systems & Archer Engineered Research
Model Garmur
Class Light space transport

Technical specifications
Length — 65 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere) — 1,350 km/h
Engine unit(s) — Equipped
Hyperdrive rating — Class 0.5
Hyperdrive system — Equipped
Shielding — Equipped
Sensor systems — Custom Sensor System
Countermeasures — None
Armament — Laser cannons
Minimum crew — 1 pilot
Miscellaneous crew — 1 artificial intelligence
Passengers — 8
Cargo handling systems — 15 tons
Consumables — 1 year
Life support — Equipped

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Re: Garmur - Sienar/Archer Light Transport

Post by Samuel Archer on Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:00 pm

Samuel Archer stood at the bar of a prestigious get-together that might as well have been a sleep-aid conference. No scandals, just boring chatter between old geezers with more money than they could even think of spending. No heiresses, just spoiled old bags who held their husbands by such a tight noose it made one think who was truly in charge of empires. No end to the alcohol, which Archer knew well it shouldn’t be on this boring mental list, but he referred to mental grievance item number two. That was when a wonderfully beautiful Hapan woman approached him. Her type of beauty was quite rare in the galaxy, most Hapes inhabitants being near mythological due to their isolation behind the Transitory Mists.

Her mouth moved with seductive words that Samuel couldn’t hear, though he just figured he was shell shocked by such a beautiful woman even talking to him. Sure, he was good looking and a bit of a scoundrel—women like that—but this was a Hapan woman! Just as he thought he hit the motherlode, she leaned into his right ear and parted her lips to whisper something to him. Archer leaned in and listened for the magical words he wanted to hear, when suddenly the Hapan woman’s head transformed into a metal horn! The edges of the horn morphed in and out, flexing as it made a ghastly sound that sounded like a rapidly pulsing klaxon.

Samuel woke from bed startled, and his eyes shot open just to be greeted by a flashing red lights that made his head ache. The klaxon didn’t help either for his headache. He rolled out of bed wearing only boxers and a white t-shirt, banging his knee on the bolted-down nightstand during the flashing alert’s ‘dark’ periods.
“Frak!” Archer shouted out loud, “CHAMBER get this damned red flashy shit turned off! I’m awake!” Archer worked on getting his pants on—hobbling his way to the cockpit—while CHAMBER complied and turned off the sirens. CHAMBER is just the name that Samuel gave to the ship’s AI, it took them weeks to find a suitable set of acronyms that fit with the desired name. Samuel remembered boastfully and robotically repeating CHAMBER’s designation when Raith Sienar and he had finalized the designation, ”Introducing the Comprehensive Hex Analysis and Mobile Biological-Empathy Reactionary artificial intelligence system! CHAMBER for short.” Archer vaguely remembers downing his first alcoholic substance shortly afterwards.

Sam,” a disembodied voice said over the intercom, sounding like a well-educated middle-aged man to Samuel, “It’s called a siren, not a damned red flashy shit as you called it.

“Shut up and tell me why the siren went off in the first place!”

Imperial checkpoint just outside the Y’toub system.” CHAMBER quickly replied back. Samuel could tell the ship was at a dead stop, not that he could actually feel the ship moving with inertial dampeners turned on, just intuition. Samuel sat down at the cockpit, flipped several switches and pressed a few buttons before the Imperial officer’s voice came over the comlink.

“This is Commander Badim Daegon of the Imperial Star Destroyer Blight, identify yourself immediately and prepare for customs inspection.” Shit, if they catch me with what I have onboard they won’t even bother with a trial… Archer thought to himself, I can’t leave without getting that comm message answered first…'Meet me at the spaceport cantina Excaar'Sol. Tell nobody. ' He needed answers.

“Sorry to soil this moment, uh…Badim was it? Look my wallet is a little dinged right now I can’t really afford to buy the soil to soil this moment we’re sharing Mr. Badim, I really must be going.” Archer slowly began to inch the throttle up so as to not arouse suspicion and get a tractor beam locked onto him.

“Whatever obscured metaphor or reference you were attempting to make, you will comply with this customs inspection or be fired upon.” The commander stated firmly.

“Yeah… about that. I really cannot considering that—“

Samuel was about to add his signature 'Frak You' tagline when CHAMBER begrudgingly muttered, “Archer…

“Quiet CHAMBER. Where was I, oh yeah, I can’t do that considering I’m wanted by the Empire in this system so bye!” Archer hit the throttle and darted past the Star Destroyer so fast they couldn’t successfully get a lock with their tractor beam. Green blasters shot past the Garmur fruitlessly, since it had already gone past their effective accuracy range. With Archer’s earlier thruster inching, he had warmed the engines up enough to make such a fast acceleration, and prayed to the gods he could survive reentry into Nal Hutta. Getting to the planet isn’t hard, it’s just rather difficult to get landing clearance at a decent price.

A few dull minutes of silence followed as Samuel flew towards Nal Hutta, so much so the silence was practically killing Archer. That was when CHAMBER reactivated the sirens.

“What is it CHAMBER?”

Nothing, just thought it became too quiet for your nerves. They could implode if there’s not enough excitement around here, or so you’ve told me.

“We’re going to have a long talk about sarcasm when I’m done meeting with that mysterious contact.” Archer sighed.

For the seventeen-point-fifth time?


You got distracted by the erotic advertisement on Corellia, you never finished the eighteenth long talk about sarcasm.

Archer muttered under his breath, and searched for a landing pad. His mysterious contact was waiting for him.
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